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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Last month in everyday1music

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of last month in!

It is the 10th day of the month, so it is time to look back at everything that was featured here last month!

Before I give you the list, it is good to remember that we are open to song suggestions. So, if you know about a band you think could be here, or if you have yourself a band you think should be here, please send the links, like our facebook page, or simply follow us on twitter. Next month, your song can be here!

Here is the list!

by: Milk Maid

by: Gross Magic

by: Puggy

by: The Madcaps

by: Bruising

by: Athlete

by: Cathy Davey

by: Inspiral Carpets

by: Fremont

by: The Novatones

by: Icon For Hire

by: FFS

by: The Draytones

music 2472 Oct-18-2016  The most played 
by: Guster